Robo's Ratings Notes

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Some of the movies rated here I have not seen in a very long time (like 20 years) and my taste in movies has changed a lot over the years. If I remember enough about a movie to get a general feeling of what I thought about it at the time I saw it, I will rate it based on that viewing. If I walk out of a movie or am unable to finish it because of the movie content itself, I rate the movie a 1 based on the belief that a movie that cannot even hold one's attention enough to warrant a full viewing has failed utterly. These ratings are based entirely on my personal enjoyment of the movie - a movie can be well made and considered a "classic" (whatever that means) but if I don't find the viewing interesting, enjoyable, or entertaining (usually meant in the classical sense of the word) then I will rate the movie accordingly. Some movies are just not my cup of tea. Hopefully this all explains why I rate the hilariously campy Journey to the Center of Time higher than the dull and plodding Contempt.