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Game Caesar: Rules

01. AH Rulebook - PDF - html
02. Pontifex Maximus (13.0)
03. Provincial Forces and Rebel Governors
04. Legionary Disbandment and Recall (15.0)
05. Late Republic Scenario (12.5)
06. All Errata
07. RoR PBEM Rules

08. Revised Province Attack Order
09. Starting Provincial Forces
10. Civil War Deck
11. Traded Cards are playable during Initial Intrigue.
12. The Temporary Rome Consul will be determined randomly.
13. Open Deals cannot be made that last more than an entire round of Phases. For instance an Open Deal made during the current
Senate Phase only lasts until the next Population Phase. Also, Open Deals cannot be made that include any of the following:
a. Rome/Field Consul Selection.
b. Assassination Attempt.
c. Guaranteed Passage of Vote. (what does this mean?)
d. Rebellion.
14. Each faction will start with 4 Red cards instead of only 3.
15. Popularity maximum is 9. Popularity minimum is -9.

NOTE: We are NOT playing with the Delayed Matching War Rule (7.3321).

NOTE: Faction Treasuries can only be used to Defend against Persuasion Attempts - not to Assist.

- Tables and Manifests
Disaster/Standoff Percentages

 - Reference
The Living Rules can be used as a reference though not everything in there is accurate for our game.