IUF Campaign Rules

Robo's Up Front Campaign Rules 1. Players play a 7 game series; first player to win 4 games, wins the campaign.

2. Each player plays one nationality throughout the campaign. Nationalities are chosen by player agreement - one way would be to have the lowest rated player in Renegage Ratings choose first.

3. The first scenario played is always A (or M); all succeeding scenarios are randomly chosen (use the PBM dice roller at dice@pbm.com) from one of these tables:

--- Non-Jungle

first scenario is A
1. B
2. C
3. D
4. E
5. F
6. L
7. Randomly select from A, B, C, D, E, F, L but use Night Rules.

--- Jungle

first scenario is M
1. N*
2. O
3. Q
4. S
5. T
6. U
7. Randomly select from M, N, O, Q, S, T, U but use Night Rules.

*: note that for Scenario N, IUF uses the variation for the American/Japanese Matchup.

All the above can only be selected once (i.e. a campaign cannot have 2 games of scenario L unless one of them uses Night Rules). The next scenario to be played is not determined until after the one before it has been played. Note that there are a total of 8 possible scenarios for each campaign so that the last scenario played is never known until after the next to last game is played. Use PlayIUF to load the required scenario.

4. The winner of the previous game is always considered the attacker in the current game. (alternatively, the player currently leading the series is the attacker; if series is tied, the player who won the previous game is the attacker).

5. If the first game of the campaign ends in a tie, the game must be replayed but this time using night rules (alternate between day and night rules until one player wins the first game).

6. If any of the latter games ends in a tie, then for purposes of the campaign, the player who lost the previous game is considered the winner.

7. Sample Campaigns (somewhat balanced & historical):

American/British vs Japanese (Jungle)
British vs Italians (use Desert rules for all games)
Russian/American vs German
Russian vs Japanese

8. Handicap Campaigns: play like above except that each side has a different set of scenarios from which they may attack with. Scenario A is still the first scenario played.

Russians vs Italians: Russian Attack (C,D,F,L); Italian Attack (B,E,F,G)
French vs Germans: French Attack (B,D,F,G); German Attack (C,D,E,L)
British vs Germans: British Attack (G,K,R,V); German Attack (C,D,F,L)

Example: Italians defeat the Russians in the first scenario (A) so the second scenario will have the Italians attacking in either B, E, F, or G. In this campaign it is possible to play F twice since each side may attack with it, all other scenarios played at most once.