IUF Customization

Important Note: Letter case is important everywhere - most everything must be lower case; nationality names and scenario letters must begin with a Capital letter.

Scenario Customization (c:\upfront\scenario.txt)

note: some of the following scenario customizations may not work in the current version of IUF.

To play a Custom Scenario, type in "z" when prompted for a scenario within PlayIUF (java -cp . playiuf).

scenario letter

specify an existing official scenario (by letter) that you want to modify.

name scenarioname
give a scenarioname to a new or existing scenario.
load custom rosters from roster.txt file.
first attacker | defender
specify which side plays first; attacker or defender.
decks number
number of decks.
use desert rules.
use jungle rules.
use night rules.
neither side is considered the attacker.
randomreinforcements attacker | defender
specify who gets random reinforcements throughout the game.
range attacker | defender | both range_number
initial range_number that a side starts at.
terrain attacker | defender terrain_name
initial terrain_name that side starts in.
victory attacker | defender | both advance men range
specify an advance victory condition: number of men at range.
victory points woods | buildings
specify victory point victory conditions.
cower attacker | defender sniper | wire | marsh
define scenario cower cards.
give the defender the pillbox.
minefield attacker | defender
give a side the use of minefields.
discard woods | buildings | hill | stream number_to_discard
specify number of terrain cards to discard as cower.
user rules from scenario X; attacker is always considered the multi-force player.
Sample scenario.txt
1. If a scenario has no attacker and defender then those commands listed above that require an attacker or defender won't work.
2. If you omit "scenario letter" you will get a basic scenario with attacker and defender using default orders of battle from scenario A.

Order of Battle Customization (c:\upfront\roster.txt)

German | Russian | American | British | Japanese | Italian | French
elite | secondline | partisan
attacker | defender
start PC_numbers...
deck1 PC_numbers...
deck2 PC_numbers...
deck3 PC_numbers...
deck4 PC_numbers...
deck5 PC_numbers...
Sample roster.txt
1. If a nationality is played that does not have a customized order of battle listed in roster.txt then the order of battle from scenario A will be used.
2. I don't believe secondary weapons can be placed in the roster.txt file at this time.