IUF Bugs/Features in Version 4.6: updated September 24 2002

1. The Italian surrender rule is not in effect. Given the fact that everyone already complains about having the Italians, I am in no hurry to further magnify their inadequacies.

2. While in the act of transferring, individual transfers are not considered to be part of the "receiving" group for purposes of sniper attacks against, as specified in the errata. [errata]

3. You cannot choose to not fill your hand. Also, if when in the act of filling your hand, you cannot play a hero card to rally a man and immediately receive an additional card. [really tough to code this without slowing the game down a lot]

4. The rule that allows unarmed American and Japanese elite infantry men to have a firepower of one at RR5, provided that a black fire card was played, is not in effect.

5. When attempting infiltration, you cannot choose to "split" your infiltration attempts between more than one target group. [errata]

6. Buttoned up tanks cannot acquire, contrary to the recent errata. I received a personal ruling from Don Greenwood on this one--it was the one question I asked him--and, after playing this way, firmly believe that it is the best way to play the game.

7. The "usual" methods for breaking flanks do NOT apply to natural flanking fire; natural flanking fire remains in effect for as long as the flanking group is at relative range 4 "behind" an opposed group.

8. Playing open terrain on smoke gets rid of the smoke; there is no option to keep the smoke. [it's a lot of code for a rule most people don't even know about]

9. Scenario J (3-player) is not supported.

10. Infantry Guns cannot perform individual transfers and Hull Down status has no effect on them.

11. Unmovable Heavy weapons are not lost when a group places terrain or when terrain is discarded on it. [contested errata]

12. Uncrewed mortars do not get any FP at close ranges. Note that mortars cannot use small arms FP if in Buildings/Stream/Marsh. [errata]

13. You cannot discard two Booby Traps at the same time.