IUF Documentation

IUF Documentation

Quick Reference Chart by David Soucek

IUF Commands

1. The Help Command (H)


Usable at any prompt to get a listing of all possible commands at that prompt.

2. The Quit Command (Q)


Usable at any prompt to back out from that prompt. Warning! entering quit twice in a row while playing the game will cause the game to exit - and save the game to a file called ufsave.java.

3. Display Command(X)


Usable at any prompt to bring up the following Display Menu:

Bentire Board
CCards in hand
DDeck information
EEnemy Group
Fentire board showing Firepower
MMap Grid View
NNationality information
SScenario information
VScenario Victory Conditions

4. Set-Up Commands

These commands are only available at the start of the game during the setup phase:

AAssign secondary weapon
DinDividual transfer
GGroup reorder/crew
SSwap groups
Xdisplay routine
EEnd set-up

a. Create new groups during Set-Up by using Individual Transfers (D).
b. AFVs and IGs must be Swapped around (S).
c. Use the Group command (G) to organise PCs and to crew weapons.
d. Examine contents of groups by using the Display command (X-G).

5. Action Menu

The Action Menu is available during a player's Action Phase. Use the E command to End the Action Phase and go to the Discard Phase (or to end your turn):

AAcquire weapon
BBanzai attack
Center Close combat
DinDividual transfer
EEnd action phase (not listed in the Action Menu Help)
FFire attack
GGroup activities (accept transfers, crew, realign)
HHelp (not listed in the Action Menu Help)
Jbring in reinforcements
Ksniper checK
Lradio for artiLLery attack
OOpen terrain placement
PweaPon swaP
QQuit game
RRally or hero pinned men (also unbutton and unpin AFV's)
SSmoke placement
TTerrain placement
UUndo (stop infiltrating, or cancel banzai)
VVoluntary panic and Voluntary button up
WWeapon repair
Xdisplay menu
Yattempt night observation
Zremove mines

6. Other Actions

Actions not listed above are performed by using one of the above listed actions first. A prompt will then appear asking for further input. For instance to Overrun, merely play a Movement card in the Sideways mode - if the conditions are right you will be prompted on whether you wish to conduct an Overrun action.
OverrunMove (M)
Remove StunRally (R)
HeroRally (R) or Fire(F)
UnbuttonRally (R)
StarshellObserve (Y)
Accept TransfersGroup (G)
Reassign GuardGroup (G)
Crew/UncrewGroup (G)
Rearrange GroupGroup (G)
Drop Captured Weapon(not implemented)

7. Playing Tips

1. Increase the DOS Window size: DOS windows can be sized to 25, 43, or 50 lines. Click on the properties button at the top of the DOS window and then on the Screen tab. Set the initial size to 50 lines. You may need to start a new DOS window in order for the change to take effect. Optionally, you can usually type this at the DOS prompt:

C:\> mode con lines=50

Adjust the font size by clicking on the Font button at the top of the DOS window so that the window fits on your display.

I use a 50 line DOS window. My monitor displays at 1280 x 1024 resolution and I use the 10 x 18 font size.

2. Observe the playing field: at the beginning of each of your turns, you will be shown the cards in your hand. Of course, this is not enough information for you to plan your turn. Get in the habit of typing in X-B and X-F at the very beginning of your turns. With a 50 line display you will be able to see just about all the information you will need to plan your turn. Beware of your opponent moving a group when you least expect it, especially afte he routs a man voluntarily - these things are easy to miss especially if your opponent is experienced with IUF and plays fast.
3. Use the Q key to back out of prompts you didn't want to get to so that you don't lose an action or your entire action phase (if you accidently hit E to end your action phase).
4. Use the H key if you are unsure of a command. You should be able to get a list of all possible choices at almost every prompt.
5. In a corner of your brain store the fact that the T key is used to denote a lateral group transfer - not the S key.

8. Comprehensive List of Actions

Accept TransfersG
Acquire WeaponA
Artillery StrikeL
Cancel BanzaiU then B
Cancel InfiltrationU then I
Close CombatC
Drop Captured Weapon(not implemented)
HeroR or F
Individual TransferD
--- forwardM then F
--- backwardsM then B
--- sidewaysM then S
--- lateral transferM then T
Open Ground PlacementO
OverrunM then S
Rearrange GroupG
Reassign GuardG
Remove BogM
Remove MinefieldZ
Remove StunR
Remove WireM
Repair WeaponW
Sniper CheckK
Swap WeaponsP
Terrain PlacementT
Voluntary ButtonV then B
Voluntary PanicV then P