IUF Bug Fixes: updated September 24 2002

The following bugs were fixed in 3.8:

1. Rule 39.7 (intended for DYO) is being used for the standard scenarios, so PCs have their morale incorrectly increased or decreased if they are below the minimum or above the maximum, depending on the troop type. Only relevant in a few scenarios like Jap Kd (Sgt Kodu is 4/5 instead of 5/5).

2. In Wadis/Stream/Marsh, ordnance weapons should not get a -1 to their effect when fired as ordnance with unboxed effect.

3. An encircled group does receive TEM modifiers for Wall terrain when it should not. (see 8.9)

4. IUF allows you to play Smoke even if a Breeze was drawn earlier in your turn. This should not be allowed (13.2).

5. The message displayed when a man keeps infiltration after winning CC by 3 or more incorrectly says "more than 3"; should say "at least 3". The game handles it correctly, only the message is incorrect.

6. IUF does not handle cases where there can be more than two leaders in a squad as in the case of the Japanese defending in Scenario L or when the defender gets a leader as reinforcement in V. All leader PCs beyond the second do not function as leaders in any capacity.

7. Fire directed against an AFV on a Hill from a group on another Hill should not get the +1 Bonus.

8. French AFV #35 has an incorrect bog value on the unbuttoned side. IUF has 8/w10 instead of 4/w7.

9. French AFV #34 has an incorrect overrun value on the unbuttoned side. IUF has 2 instead of 3.

10. Rule 28.93 is not implemented (i.e. immobilization result versus a Hull Down AFV is not treated as a Stun).

11. IUF allows a group to play a movement card in the forward or retrograde position while in the act of a lateral group transfer.

12. A lateral group transfer is not cancelled when the position a group is transferring to becomes occupied. This has a very undesirable effect. This is a MAJOR bug.

13. The Immobilization result in CC vs an AFV does not happen; An effect of 6 ends up in no effect.

14. Wasp overrun should be 5, not 3; RR5 MG FP should be 6 not 7.

15. M20 Utility car armor values are incorrect (3/4/5 instead of 0/1/2).

16. Guards are allowed to infiltrate.

17. When reassigning a Guard an assistant crew member will automatically be assigned.

18. Breeze effects are delayed incorrectly after a Berserk takes place.

19. Acquisition of an enemy crewed weapon via infiltration results in the weapon being acquired by the enemy assistant instead!

20. An AFV may start the game in Escarpment.

21. An immobilized AFV incorrectly defends with its armor values instead of its flank values.

Other changes in Version 3.8:

1. A man with a Demo Charge can now be brought in as a Random Reinforcement in Scenario V.

2. The defender in Scenario G must now place the Buildings-3 given to him during preparation for play. He/She cannot save it for later.

3. I have extensively tested captured weapons and have found no problems with it. Bruce mentioned a problem but if it exists it must be very rare.

4. French AFV #34 (Char B1) is now handled correctly. Note that the big gun on this AFV may not be fired if the AFV is hull down (i.e. behind a wall or on a hill). The big gun is considered to be the Secondary Ordnance. This AFV only appears with the attacking French in Scenario G

5. Smoke may be fired from AFVs onto any visible group. Use the "S" command and select the AFV group. You will be prompted for the group that the smoke is to be placed on. The AFV can place smoke on itself. The only scenario this rule effects is that with attacking Germans/American/British in Scenario G.

6. Note that per the errata a group may now possibly have more than two leaders in the game due to Random Reinforcements. Also note that the Japanese when defending in L start with three leaders. A third leader is denoted by (LDR).

7. Scenario H is now implemented. Note that IGs may not individually transfer and Hull Down rules do not apply to them. Also, reinforcements in H use the entrance rules for Random Reinforcements. Red move enters as group Z, Black move enters as group E.

The following bugs were fixed in 3.9:

1. Russians now get reinforcement tank when attacking in scenario H.

2. It is no longer possible to individually transfer out of a minefield.

3. Assault Rifles can now carry secondary weapons.

4. Anti-Tank Rifles are no longer able to carry secondary weapons.

5. AFV FP hero bug has been fixed.

The following bugs were fixed in 4.0:

1. Tripling+ firepower bug fixed.

2. Minor persistent Flank bug fixed.

3. Weapon acquisition bug fixed.

4. Victory Conditions now checked in the middle of CC vs a crew.

5. All IG bugs fixed.

6. Random Reinforcement bug fixed.

7. Oasis as open ground bug fixed.

8. Moving fire from AFV bug fixed.

The following bugs were fixed in 4.1:

1. Ordnance effect in Stream/Marsh/Wadis.

2. Banzai and retrograde movement.

3. Panzerfausts vs non-Armor targets.

4. Secondary Weapons assignment to Heavy Weapon operators.

5. Scenario X supported.

6. Drop Captured Weapons.

7. Reinforcements in H.

8. Heavy Weapons and Banzai.

9. Radios and Crew.

10. Russians in Scenario H.

11. PIAT/PF in Stream/Marsh.

12. Scenario W setup order.

13. MG required for overrun.

14. Crew CCV.

15. FTs vs Armor.

16. Wound Check timing.

17. Scenario D VCs.

18. AFVs and Heroed firepower.

19. Scenario X now supported.

The following bugs were fixed in 4.2:

1. Scenario H Reinforcement Bug which allowed infinite numbers of reinforcements in certain cases.

2. Japanese attacking roster in E was missing a DC.

3. Pinned FTs no longer negate TEMs.

The following bugs were fixed in 4.3:

1. Wound Check/Random Reinforcement Bug fixed.

The following bugs were fixed in 4.4:

1. Saved game bug.

2. Reinforcement bug introduced in 4.3.

The following bugs were fixed in 4.5:

1. A stun 6 AFV that is stunned again no longer crashes the program when it is eliminated.

2. An otherwise unarmed man with a panzerfaust is now allowed to fire the panzerfaust.

3. A panzerfaust may no longer fire while hidden in a gully (I guess no one ever tried before, but the program was letting you do it).

The following bugs were fixed in 4.6:

1. Obscure bug with 2nd Line German discards.

2. You are no longer allowed to uncrew and crew in the same action.

3. Scenario H Victory Conditions now displayed correctly.

4. You can specify a 4 digit TCP port number on the command line to override the default value of 2222.

The following bugs were fixed in 4.7:

1. Starshells now work properly.

2. Loophole in crew/uncrew fixed.