--- Installing IUF (Internet Up Front)

You'll need 4 things to install and run IUF

1. Win95, Win98, WinNT, Win2000 (and a PC of course; sorry, no Mac Support)

2. WinZIP (or a similar program; it must support long file names and some or all versions of PKUNZIP, for instance, do not); you can get WinZIP for free at: http://www.winzip.com

3. JRE (Java Runtime Environment); you can get JRE for free at: http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4/download.html

4. IUF (Internet Up Front); you can get IUF for free at: http://www.yxklyx.com/thecolosseum/upfront/

5. ICQ (Optional); most IUF players use ICQ to look for players online; you can get it for free at: http://www.mirabilis.com

When downloading these three pieces of software you will eventially get a window which says "File Download" at the top and which will have two radio buttons where you can either pick "Run this program from its current location" or "Save this program to disk". I would suggest selecting the "Save" option. It will then ask you where you want to save it to. Personally, I created a folder called Downloads on my computer in which I save all files I download off the net.

After downloading all three you will have to install each on your computer. To install WinZIP and JRE just bring up Explorer and double-click on the icon of the appropriate file. These install procedures follow the basic Win95 method of installation (i.e. it's fairly self-explanatory). You must install WinZIP before you install IUF.

To install IUF, double click on the file that you saved it as (most likely iuf43.zip). This will launch WinZIP which will then ask you some simple questions. You'll get to a window which asks you which folder you wish to install to. Click the "Select different folder" button and type in c:\upfront and continue with the installation. Some windows will pop up; you can just close these and exit WinZIP.

That covers the installation procedure...

--- Getting Started

These instructions will show you how to to run the game on one machine so you can play solitaire or in order to just make sure everything is working fine.

Make sure you're connected to the Internet, through an ISP for instance. [Actually you don't need to be on the Internet to play solo, when you start up just cancel the connection window and use the IP address for the server]. IUF runs from a DOS window. Go to "Start->Programs->MS-DOS Prompt" to bring one up. At the DOS prompt (the prompt will usually say C:\WINDOWS) type in:

cd c:\upfront (it is very important that you run the game from the upfront directory)

java -cp . uf

You should now see something like this:

Up Front 4.3
Game copyright by The Avalon Hill Game Company
Programming by Bruce Wigdor

Your IP Adress is below:

Type 'C' to be the client, or 'S' to be the server:


Now type in the letter "s" followed by [Enter]; bring up another DOS window just like you did the first and type the same thing you typed in the first one (java -cp . uf) except this time type "c" followed by [Enter] instead. Now you will be prompted for the IP address of the server:

Enter the IP address for your opponent, followed by a space:


Enter the IP address shown in the server's window; in this case "" followed by a [space] and [Enter]. Note that since in this case both players (client and server) are on the same computer, the IP address shown in both windows is the same. When playing across the net one person will need to start a server first and then tell the other person (who will start a client) what the server's IP address is.

At this point IUF will select the scenario and nationality each player will play and the player who sets up first will be "in the game". The other player will have to wait until the first player has set-up his groups before he can do anything.

--- Notes for Playing IUF (Internet Up Front)

1. When in doubt, type "h" in the DOS window and some help text will appear...

2. "q" will usually back up a menu at all times except for yes/no prompts.

3. There is no "undo" feature. Once a card is played there's no way to back out; so be careful.

4. The interface is a bit clunky at first but once you get the hang of it, it's quite easy to use.

[sorry, more instructions will appear in the future though it isn't *too* hard to figure things out by yourself]

Save Games: if the program crashes for some odd reason or one player gets disconnected from the internet, the game will be saved on one of the player's computers as a file called "C:\upfront\ufsave.java". I would advise making a copy of this file someplace safe if you are really interested in finishing the game because the save game file can be overwritten somewhat easily. To restore the game, start the game exactly the same as before with the server and client running on the appropriate machines. Whoever has the saved game will be prompted to load the game when the program starts up.

Gotchas: Beware, the interface can be unfriendly at times. For instance, it's very easy to mistakenly place one of your own groups in a Stream or Minefield; these are valid terrain cards. If you have only one terrain card in your hand (taking into account cower cards), pressing T (for terrain) will place the group you specify in that terrain even if it is a Stream or Minefield. There is no Undo feature (all card plays are permanent) but you can usually back out of a menu by pressing 'q'; however, Yes/No prompts can usually not be backed out of.