IUF Opponents

Marc BeningerICQ 27365806GMT-5
Jean-Luc BrouilletICQ 44830880GMT-8
Dennis ButteryICQ 24886039GMT-5
Josh CampbellICQ 62638364GMT-7
Mike ClayICQ 1773599GMT-6
Marc GuenetteICQ 18776841GMT-5
Phil HendersonICQ 42984989GMT-5
Bari HermanICQ 99964954GMT-5
Petr HouzarICQ 133702438GMT+1
Scott RussellICQ 78039478GMT-6
Aaron SibleyICQ 253432884GMT
Paul SudermanICQ 27189784GMT-6
John StauntonICQ 18631288GMT-5
Jeff TaylorICQ 131915281GMT-6
Kevin ThatcherICQ 109176955GMT-5
Bruce WigdorICQ 17428712GMT-5
(There are many more IUF players but they usually only have enough
time to play league games and so aren't listed above.)