An optional front end to IUF that allows a player to select the scenario/matchup
(written by Roberto Ullfig)

Note: only one of the two players needs to have PlayIUF installed in order to use it.

download PlayIUF version 3.9 here (requires IUF versions 3.7 to 4.5 )
updated 19:30 CST 1/05/00

Note, that the IUF zip file contains a copy of the latest playiuf

How to install it:

1. Download the zip file from the link above to your hard drive.
2. Unzip the contents of this file into the c:\upfront directory;

How to run it:

1. Bring up a DOS window (Command Prompt in Windows 2000).
2. Type cd c:\upfront
3. Type java -cp . playiuf
4. Answer all the prompts.
6. You will eventually be prompted to load a Save Game; answer Y and then continue as normal.

How it works:

Basically, the way IUF works is that it generates some random numbers in order to determine the matchup and scenario to be played and stores these at the beginning of the save game file. PlayIUF creates an appropriate save game file based on the scenario parameters set by the user. One player (most likely the player running PlayIUF) then loads this save game when IUF starts up and play progresses from there.