June 19, 2024

The rise of interactive toys and games

The evolution of toys and games for kids

The importance of interactive play for children’s development

Top trending toy games for 2023

Key takeaway: The latest craze for kids in 2023 includes interactive toys and games that promote creativity, learning, and imaginative play. Virtual reality games are emerging as a new dimension of play, while STEM-based toys and games encourage children to learn through play. Collectible card games continue to be popular, and other types of toys and games such as outdoor and sports games, puzzle and strategy games, and dolls and playsets also offer exciting play opportunities. As technology continues to evolve, it is important to balance screen time with other forms of play to ensure a healthy and well-rounded childhood.

Virtual reality games

STEM-based toys and games

Collectible card games

Virtual reality games: a new dimension of play

What is virtual reality?

Why virtual reality games are the next big thing for kids

The top virtual reality games for children in 2023

STEM-based toys and games: learning through play

The importance of STEM education for children

How STEM-based toys and games promote learning and creativity

The most popular STEM-based toys and games for kids in 2023

Collectible card games: a timeless classic

The history of collectible card games

The benefits of collectible card games for children

The top collectible card games for kids in 2023

Other thrilling toy games for kids in 2023

Outdoor and sports games

Puzzle and strategy games

Dolls and playsets for imaginative play

The future of toy games for kids

The impact of technology on children’s play

The importance of balancing screen time with other forms of play

What the future holds for toy games and children’s play


Top toy trends for 2023 with Steve Wilson – 1st Feb 2023

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